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Transparent garment storage bag

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Includes all sizes:

SMALL,MEDIUM AND LONG GARMENT BAGS: Includes one long garments bags that measure 48"x 24", and one medium length coat bag that measure 40" x 24" and one small length coat bag that measures 34"X 24". These bags are great for storing suits, short dresses, tuxedos, winter coats, fur coats, costumes, uniforms, dance recital clothes, blouses, tops, skirts, pants and slacks. Each bag can hold multiple blouses or dress shirts for maximum use.

 USE IN CLOSETS OR WHILE TRAVELING: Each bag completely covers clothing, making them great for travel by plane, bus, car or train. The non-woven material helps protect clothing from most environmental conditions but is still thin enough for bags to be stacked or folded.

TRANSPARENT WINDOW TO KNOW WHAT INSIDE: Each hanging garment bag includes a small, 3 x 5 inch transparent window that allows users to see the contents in each clothing bag. This window doubles as a small storage sleeve to hold name tags or accessories.

PROTECT AGAINST DUST AND INSECTS: These bags are breathable but keep clothing such as fur coats and leather jackets protected and preserved. They also help shield garments from common pests like silverfish and moths and prevent common pollutants such as dust, pet hair, light exposure, humidity, moisture or mold from damaging clothing.

 FOLDABLE FOR A VERSATILE STORAGE SOLUTION: The protective cover these bags offer helps keep clothing clean and wrinkle-free. The front zipper enables easy access to garments and the opening at the top of the bag allows for a coat hangeräóîwhich can be hooked through the metal grommet at the bottom of the bag for more compact storage.

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